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DMZ and me

I was at a client with the host in the DMZ and I needed to transfer files to a VM to enable SSL (zip of SSL key files) but the server was running Windows 2008 R2 and since it was in a DMZ it was pretty locked down.  No transfer via download from a trusted web server, or a secure file sharing site, or even from the clients own inside LAN.  So what does the vSphere client console support – client CD/DVD (ISO’s and physical devices), but how to share a local folder as a CD/DVD drive?  Freeware to the answer –> SoftwareFolder2Iso – which takes a folder and spits out an ISO file.  Did not play with it a whole lot but for my need it was perfect.  Yes I know I could have burned a disk of the files or used a R/W disk and shared that but this tool is better and I do not have to worry about safely destroying the physical media.

I have added a page to the site for “Tools” –> so let me know of your must haves!

I was on a call for VMUG leaders with a VMware executive for the express purpose of discussing the vSphere 5 licensing issue and what could be done better next time.  One of the things I suggested was that “the script” should have been available before the announcement so that instead of management down screaming about the increase in cost, it could be IT talking up (with knowledge) that the revisions would/would not be an issue.  The second was that “the script” was not something that everyone could/would run.  Ideally a plug-in to vCenter would have been the best way to go but short of that some “application” to run.  Turned out that they already had a Windows application built and released when we were on the call.  So here is a link to the tool/app and here is a link to the VMware vSphere 5 License Entitlements page.

Do you want to be a sponsor?

So you want to sponsoring a VMUG meeting for this chapter and/or additional chapters.  The VMUG organization wants you to register and be included in the “local” sponsor database.  It is the hope that by compiling a listing of interested sponsors that the local VMUG leaders will have a single place to go to if they need to seek a sponsor.  This open registration seems like a great idea to generate larger listing which, having reviewed the past sponsor listings, was a problem.

You can register here or –>

Thanks as always for your support

First I would like to thank Mark Berly for giving us an overview on Arista Networks product line, the EOS operating system that powers their products, and the VM Tracer component which links the physical switch to the distributed virtual switch and vCenter for an adaptive infrastructure.  For more information about Mark or Arista please follow the links below.

You can follow Arista Networks on LinkedIn or Facebook

You can follow Mark on LinkedIn

And the podcast that I mentioned is Packet Pushers – Episode 45

As to the Packet Pushers podcast in general I would highly suggest you subscribe if you have any interest in networking technologies! –

Next up is Matt Portnoy of VMware for rolling up his sleeves (literally) and digging into the licensing issues around vSphere 5 and vRam. View full article »

Friday, July 29, 2011
11:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

Moses Cone Woman’s Hospital
Education Building – Rooms 5 & 6
801 Green Valley Road
Greensboro NC, 27408
Click here for driving directions.

Join us for the upcoming Greensboro/Triad VMUG meeting taking place on Friday, July 29, 2011. View full article »


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